Wednesday, 9 October 2013

International School Libraries Month is here again!

We all know that school libraries are really awesome places to find information when you need it, to check out the most exciting books, to discover how to use the newest, coolest apps anywhere and to connect with friends, new and old, in person or online. But this is just the start... even after you leave school, you'll still be able to use the skills you have learned in our school library to find and use information, in all kinds of formats, to do whatever you want.

The characters in our ISLM poster illustrate some of the media  we use in our library to share information - 

* Brittney Books,*  Lana Laptop, * Polly Poster, * Ivan iPod, * Tanya Tablet, * Molly Magazine & *Edward eReader and * Nelly Newspaper.

All this month, there will be book talks, read aloud sessions, displays and many other activities on each week. The library prefects will even be assisting as official helpers at the NALIS Fun Day on Sunday 27th October at the National Library bulding!


So don't forget to pop in and check out what's on @ Our Library!