Thursday, 15 December 2011

Light the candles all around the world

The Grade 4 at the Jackson School invited us to be a part of this project. At the Library, some prefects and Form 2s lit a candle to show we share their holiday spirit!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Holiday fun with your laptop!

Safe, cool stuff to do with your laptop over the vacation... a new door is unlocked everyday!
Have fun!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A winter wonderland!

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Our library always decorates for Christmas. This year our theme is a winter wonderland. Don't ask me why they didn't choose something more local- we live in the West Indies and it never, ever snows! It was the library prefects' choice I guess.
I like to spend my free time in the library because of the air conditioning but sometimes I think our librarian, is overdoing it because it is freezing cold. One day I found myself not really feeling to study and I saw some of the library prefects making snowflakes out of paper so I asked if I could help. This was my first time ever making a snowflake bur surprisingly I did pretty good. Just ask Ms. Heywood!
After almost all the snowflakes were complete Celeste and I started to decorate them with iridescent glitter and the library turned into Ke$ha! And then on Monday we started to put up the all the decorations. In the end snowflakes and glitter were everywhere! Surprise, liming in the library can be fun!

Arianna A.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Our Christmas Book Blitz

Reading promotion in our school is very important to me- study after study shows direct links between extensive and consistent reading for pleasure and academic success. As an avid reader myself, I love to 'infect' you with my passion.
And that's where my GEAR- Get Excited about Reading program comes in. It tries to combine extrinsic motivation; small prizes for high borrowing (more than 15 books a term), with intrinsic prompts, like increasing your self esteem linked to improved reading speed, comprehension and academic success which I have long identified as being extremely important to a majority of my users.
I try to provide you with as wide a collection of exciting and interesting teen and young adult materials as I can and you do me and yourselves proud- our circulation figures are amazing!
And just to make sure you keep up during the vacation, we'll be having a mini bookfair; our Christmas Book Blitz on at the library from Tuesday 12th- Friday 16th December. Come buy yourself, a friend or relative a book or two and remember - Happy Reading!

Ms. Heywood