Proud to be T&T


Last year, we had so much fun creating our bookmarks and artifacts for our two Global Classroom buddies during International School Libraries Month, that this year, we decided to go even bigger. We are exchanging bookmarks with schools in FIVE countries, Croatia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Pakistan and the United States of America!
In Part 1 of our Proud to read T&T project, since this year is also the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago's independence, we have chosen to let our bookmarks do the talking. We have explored NALIS' website thoroughly  especially the subject directory and digital library. Each handcrafted bookmark shares something very special about our country, something unique and intrinsically Trinbagonian. Then just because we know that a little T&T is never enough, we will create a canvas of artifacts to tell you more about our school, our city and our wonderful country.

In Part 2 of our project, we have been reading from our school library's special collection of books about Trinidad and Tobago or which have been written by a Trinidadian or Tobagonian author. Now each of us will share about an interesting book that we have read.

We know that for many people SJCPOS students don't really seem like ordinary Trinidadians, because they think, we don't 'talk trini'. At our school library media centre, we're proving them wrong!

In Part 3 of our project, we are actually writing a book, using two pamphlets written by C. L. Ottley, 'Sayings of Trinidad and Tobago' and 'Trinbaginese",, and 'Cote ce, cote la; a Trinidad and Tobago dictionary' by John Mendes for our research. So... do you think you have a fun way to explain exactly what 'lime' or 'steups' is? Or can you draw a fun cartoon to illustrate just what your mother might mean when she says 'If yuh cyah hear, yuh will feel'?  Then drop by the library and get involved, get busy!

Click on the image to check out our work and please feel free to leave a comment!

T&T is me! (2012)

We had a lot of fun making our bookmarks to share with our new friends in Croatia and Russia. It was also interesting to find out more about some things we thought we knew already! Working in groups to put our information together was harder and Ms. Heywood was very fussy about all of us doing our very best work. But we learned a lot and we hope you enjoy discovering more about our islands. Click on the image to check out our work and please feel free to leave a comment!