Proud to Read T&T!

This term, Ms. Heywood challenged us to read, A lot. And not just Nancy Drew. Or Twilight. And we did.

Our Form 1 Year Group has borrowed and read over 1000 books in 10 weeks! Among the best things we read, were some books by authors who were born in Trinidad or Tobago, or who just like our country and people so much they actually wrote stories about life in our twin island state.

From bright picture books, to mysterious folktales, comic dialect poems,  to how the steelband was invented, tales of life on sugar estates in Caroni or on council estates in chilly London town, these books captured our imaginations with the colourful pictures they painted of who we were and who we are.

So check out our comments to see what we read, find out what they were about and maybe just why you should check them out @ your library!


  1. The Lonely Londoners by Samuel Selvon.
    Port of Spain: Longman Caribbean, 1989.

    "It have people living in London who don't know what happening in the room next to them, far more the street, or how other people living. London is a place like that. It divide up in little worlds, and you stay in the world you belong to and you don't know anything about what happening in the other ones except what you read in the papers.'

    I read this book first a long, long time ago and I remember how funny I thought it was. Basically it tells the story, or rather the stories of a group of immigrants, mostly West Indian, in London in the 1950's. I remember reading the dialect passages and being shocked, because even though I knew most Trinis spoke like that, I had never seen it written down before and I didn't even know that it could be.
    Then, I laughed at the tales of making do. Now I see the themes of racism and discrimination and the loneliness of these transplants into a world that is so different from that they knew. But it was not all sad, and I really celebrated their optimism in the midst of it all.

  2. The Legend Of Bizarium- A New Divide by Edward Mahabir
    Self Publishing Company, New York, November 29, 2010

    "ENTER A WORLD WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGES... Ed, Jamie, Lanora, Mai, Robin and Tyler, never imagined that a visit to the park would end with their being plunged into a world of adventure. But it did. They were suddenly transported to a mysterious land that exists in an alternate reality. A land that is home to a wide range of diverse creatures and individuals, most of which are radically different to those found on Earth. And once they found themselves in this enchanted world called Bizarium, they could take nothing for granted. In this new reality, mystery is more potent than knowledge, ancient creatures roam freely, and the best of friends become the worst of enemies..."

    I read this book about a year or two ago, but I still remember it. Edward Mahabir is a local author who wrote this book at age seventeen in only three months! As the above passage says, this land of weird and amazing characters literally engulfs the six friends through the ground into this strange world. They befriend a vain and trustworthy phoenix, Nestor, and are needed to defeat a treacherous monster called the Winderblunder. The author came to my school a bit after the book had just been published and gave some students a signed copy. He read the first chapter, and we were confused, but I continued to read, and was intrigued. There is comedy, mischeif, betrayal, sadness and a blooming romance between two very close friends. The author plans to make a series of three books, with the second book, "The Legend Of Bizarium- The Syndicate," already released as of August 2012. I seriously recommend this book for any person like me, who, in the midst of all the strangeness, still fully understands what's happening, and can relate to the charaters and feelings.

  3. Hello everyone I'm Tracey S. and this blog is about a book i read called Harriet's Daughter. This book was written by Marlene Nourbese Philip a Trinidadian author. It was published in 1988 in the United States it does not state the city. This wonderful book was published by heinemann books.Harriet’s daughter is a captivating tale set in Toronto. It is about two teen-aged girls. One of the girls happened to come from Tobago the sister isle of Trinidad. She meets Margaret a girl with a father from Barbados and a mother from Jamaica. The two girls quickly befriend each other. This story captures the essence of friendship and how to deal with being a teenager. It was hilarious to the point that you would be gasping for air. I had a lot of fun reading it and I hope you will too.

  4. The Coming Of Lights by V.Ramsooj Gosine
    Peepal Tree Books,England,1992

    This book is about a boy named Balwant whose parents are killed in a car crash which results in him being crippled.He then has to stay with his aunt,uncle and cousin.This story was very inspiring as you read about how Balwant comes to terms with his condition and the loss of his parents.This story really made me get an idea of what my life would be like if my parents were not there, in a way, it made me appreciate my parents more.

  5. The Undertones of Victory by Barnabas J. Ramon-Fortune
    Port-of-Spain: Inprint Caribbean, 1990
    This book is filled with History of what happened in the Mariposa Plantation, now that derelict sugar mills still are standing in its place. History is preserved of the 'Hope Village'.Around 1800, a slave Danclar on the plantation, escaped from the estate lock-up, killed a guard and fled into the hills. There were revenges and trouble going on, but in the end Mr. Hope, an Englishman who was the Master of the slaves, killed himself, lying
    in the cane field.
    This story was sad in the end but then the slaves gained victory for themselves.It is truly a wonderful book as it tells you about History long time ago and our ancestors (the slaves). I hope you will enjoy reading the book as I did.

    1. gabriella williams9 December 2012 at 19:10

      Title:The Coming of Lights
      Author:V.Ramsooj Gosine
      City of Publication:England
      Publisher:Peepal Tree Books
      Year of Publication:1992

      This book is about a boy named Balwant and his parents Raman and Seema who gets killed in an accident and he to was crushed and was forced to have his leg amputated. Balwant is also forced to leave his town and all his friends to live with his cousin, drunk uncle and worst of all his greedy, annoying and terrible aunt Paglee. At least with the help of his nice cousin, he tries to get through his new life there. I feel sorry for Balwant and think no one should be treated like that and makaes me appreciate the life I have now.

      (by:Gabriella Williams 1k)

  6. Author:Ismith Khan Title:A Day in the Country City of publication:Peepal Tree Books 17,Kingh-King's Avenue Leeds LS6 1QS Yorkshire England Year of publication:1994 This book consist of many stories.The one i liked the most was A Day in the Country. It had such a kind spirit to it.The family owned a shop which consist of every thing you could posibly think of. Believe me you when people tell you that long ago things were much more cheap believe them it was. Rajo,is son, kemal and his wife lived in Tunapuna.Rajo wanted to be an engineer but his father wanted some of his great tribe to remain close to the soil and the people decided Rajo should stay. So instead of fulfilling his dream he fulfilled his father's instead. He bought the place and got married. What really got to me in this story was that after all the hard work do you know that people still give them fake money? So when we think that life is hard which sometimes it really is, do you know that it was worse before. But they did not let that get to them they just got back up and worked even harder. Iwould recommend this book to someone.There are lots of morals to learn from this book. Antonia.M A.M

  7. The book I read was Escape from The Silk Cotton Forest. I quite enjoyed this book because it was full of action. It also made me laugh since the characters were animals. Some of the characters are a sly mongoose, Peenut who is best friends with a young Goan, Domino and the la diablesse and her army of soucoyants and Moongazers. There was so much details when explain these characters. This book was written by Francis C. Escayg, a Trinidadian author. This book was published by Macmillan education. I absolutely loved the entire story.

  8. Title: Trini Talk
    Author: Miguel Browne
    Date of publication: 1995
    City of publication: Woodbrook, Port of Spa

    I liked this book because it is filled with a compilation of local folklore stories and poems. Trini Talk expresses our culture in an imaginative and inspiring form of our creole language. My favourite was "Mother Earth and Man." This story speaks about the way people treat the natural environment around them. It says that people pollute the lands, seas and air and they have no concern about it at all.

  9. The book that I read was " A Brief Conversion and other stories". It was written by Earl Lovelace. It was originally published in London, Great Britain in 1988 by Heinemann International as part of its Caribbean Writers Series. This is a very interesting book. The main story in the book is "A Brief Conversion". This story is about a boy and his family living in Trinidad. The boy gets into a fight in school with an older boy and tells how he won the fight even though he had no chance of winning.

  10. The book that I read was "Spirits, Blood and Drums:The Orisha Religon in Trinidad" and it was written by James T. Houk.It was published by Temple University Press in Philadelphia, U.S.A in 1995, It was about the Orisha Religon in Trinidad and what they did, about their Feasts for their Gods (The Ebo), African roots, Spirts and Spirit Possession, their Abodes and their Social Organization of the Orisha Religon. I liked everything about this book, for it was all very informative and interesting.

    Naomi S. form 1N

  11. The book that I read was "Green Days by the River". The book was written by Michael Anthony. It was published in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa by Heinemann Publishers (Pty) Ltd in the year 1967.
    The book was basically about a fifteen-year-old boy named Shell and his relationship with his father. The novel also explores the complexity of human relationships, and the need to come to terms with our discoveries about those around us.

  12. Bruised Hibiscus ~ Elizabeth Nunez
    March,2000 . New York,United States.

    This book was written by novilist Elizabeth Nunez(Who attended St.Joseph Convent).
    The book follows the storyline of a woman called Zuela and the happenings around her.
    Zuela was originally from venezuela but was sold to a Trinidadian man and he used her as his maiden.
    I felt very excited about reading this book,it was the biggest book I've ever read! However at times I was uncomfortable with the use of language ,i managed to get past it.
    I liked how Elizabeth really use eloquent words to express the five senses.
    The ending was spectacular but left enough space for a part two maybe? This is all .

  13. The book I read was'The Year in San Fernando'.The book was written by Michael Anthony and it was first published in the Caribbean Writers Series.It was first published by Andre Deutsch in 1965.It is about one year in the life of a twelve-year-old boy who leaves his native village,Mayaro in Trinidad,for the city, to go to school and work as a servant-companion in the house of an old lady,Mrs Chandles. The experiences of Francis in the novel are based upon a year the author himself spent in San Fernando.The novel was written in England. The book was interesting actually(definitly cannot judge a book by its cover).

    1. I know right Brijhan ,I definitely thought that book was boring

  14. Title: An Ocean to Ourselves
    Author: Harold La Borde
    Date of publication: 1978
    City of publication: Hong Kong ,China

    I enjoyed this book because it showed the bravery of a Trinidadian man who built a boat called the Humming Bird and wanted to take a subsequent voyage across the Atlantic ocean. Although everyone told him that he was crazy to risk his own life and the lives of his friends that accompanied him on his voyage he kept his faith strong and believed that he could achieve it.In 1973 he was awarded the Trinity Cross which is Trinidad's highest award, for his circumnavigation in a 40-foot ketch Humming Bird II.What I have learnt is that if there is a goal in life which you would like to achieve never give up hope for nothing is impossible.

    By : Shania C.

  15. Crawfie the Crapaud -Earl Lovelace
    1997, Malaysia;P.A

    Crawfie the crapaud loves to sing and swim. He loves to play. One day, everyone is too busy to play with him, so Crawfie hops off in search of adventure, he tries to search for friends like a bird and a butterfly but every one else has inportant things to do. Doing that he has so much fun he forgets all about choir practice that evening with his froggy friends and so every thing is on a stand for with out the frog's choir the sun would not be able to go to sleep and the bats would not be able to hunt for their babies and lots more would be affected.
    I feel greatful because i have a youger brother and friends to enjoy myself with and I am never lonely.

  16. Caitlyn Alexander10 December 2012 at 17:33

    Title: Legend of the St. Ann’s flood

    Written by: Debbie Jacobs

    Published by: MacMillan Caribbean Publishers limited.

    First Published on: 2004

    Printed and bound in Thailand

    The book in my words was, extremely interesting.It showed the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, by placing the folk lore creatures in this one book. There was mama Dlo-queen of the forest, papa Bois-King of the forest, the douens-spirited children who died before they were baptized, the La Diablesse-a devil woman, the Soucouyant- a Trinidad vampire, the Phantom- a Trinidad Werewolf, also known as the Lagahoo. The story is based in St Anns where the flood occurred, and where young Joseph and Jaya save St Anns. Joseph a very mischievous young boy , attending Bishops Junior school went on a field trip to the zoo with his class and ended up doing something totally uncalled for, stealing a baby anaconda who just happened to be the Prince of the forest. As time progressed Joseph realized that this ‘so called’ baby anaconda was more than just regular he realized it was supernatural. I thought that the book was not going to be interesting but as i read i just could not put it down. The book had a lot of self values being taught to children. Some self values which I think i respect and courage. Respect is for the way we should respect our natural environment and courage for the way Simon stood up in a way to his mother.

  17. Title: A Brighter Sun

    Written by: Sam Selvon

    Published by: Longman Caribbean Writers

    First Published in: 1952

    Printed in China

    The story is set during the turbulent times of the 2nd World War and is centered on the lives of two young Indian peasants forced into marriage and trying to find their way through adulthood in Trinidad. Tiger is the main character of the story. He is a southern Trinidadian boy who is young, inexperienced, and naive, and who is trying to prove that he is a man and is independent. With his young bride, Urmilla, who is shy, bewildered and anxious to please, two hundred dollars, a cow and wattle and daub shack, he sets off to the unknown Barataria and adulthood. From this book you learn of the many prejudices of race and class. Tiger is an ambitious boy and I felt sorry for him until he grew up and became a man who made some bad choices. This is a very interesting book which captured my attention when I read it. It gave me an insight into how people lived in the 1930's and the struggles they had to endure to make ends meet. It made me realise how lucky I am and how grateful I should be to have the life that I have.

  18. Title: Talk 'Dat Talk - Dialect Poetry and Monolouges
    Written By: Miguel Browne
    Published By: Macmillan Education
    The book I read is filled with poetry and monolouges which express our culture and background. I loved this book for the language used in the book is creole and it made me laugh. My favourite Monologue was 'De Creole Tongue'. The Monologue basically explains about our creole language and how teachers and professors in the university were scorning the creole language and how it shouldn't be so.

  19. Title:The Year in San Fernando.
    Author: Michael Anthony
    Published : Heinemann Educational Publishers (Caribbean Writers Series)
    Illustrator:Jane Human.

    Summary :Francis was a twelve- year old boy who was sent to San Fernando for a year to help- out old Mrs. Chandles . This all started when Francis' (who originally lived in Mayaro) mother (Ma) heard and saw everything in the village from her best friend Marva. Marva was madly in love with a rich man in their village ,Mr. Chandles , and word was that Mr. Chandles and Marva was about to be married and had to live in San Fernando with Mrs. Chandles (Mr. Chandles mother). The problem was that Marva could not go to live in San Fernando ,so Mr. Chandles had to go to San Fernando to see his mother after he had been married . One afternoon Ma came home excited and happy with some good news to tell her children and most especially her eldest son ,Francis. This exciting news was that Mr. Chandles wanted Francis to come with him for one entire year to stay with him in San Fernando and help-out his aged mother,Mrs. Chandles . It was very hard for Francis to leave his family for one year and work for an old lady. At the end of the day Francis accepted his offer just to please his mother who was seemingly very pleased and excited. Life in San Fernando for Francis was very tough .He wasn't accustomed to lots of noise and pollution and people busy everywhere. Most of all he was very uncomfortable about one particular thing which was the way Mr. Chandles and his mother interacted. Francis sure missed his family alot but he had to bear with it for another year , because it was just the beginning.

  20. Harriet's Daughter is about a girl named Margaret who really wanted to be someone cool and have blacker skin.Margaret really does not like her father ,who she refers to as HE,and she doe not like her sibling as well.Her family and she currently reside in a hometown in Canada.She then meets a friend,Zulma,who lives in Tobago with her grandmother.Realising that Zulma wants to go back to Tobago because she misses her grandmother,she will do everything she can to help her friend get back to Tobago.Margaret also has some serious adventures as she wants to escape to Tobago to avoid some Good Wesy Indian Discipline,which HE[her father]tells her she would get if she does not behave.Also,the main reason i like this book is because Margaret sacrificed everything for a friend in need.This has been a book report on ,"Harriet's Daughter",by Deneisha Kistow

  21. Author: Lisa Allen Agostini
    Publisher: Macmillan Caribbean Publishers
    Year It Was Published: 2008
    The proud to be t & t book that I read was not only interesting but left me craving to read more. You know,sometimes when a book is interesting you don’t want to stop reading it and you stay up late at night with a phone light over your book reading it, well, that’s what I did. The book showed how talented and imaginative trinidadians are. The main characters of the book are the twins Ada and Evan Brijal, their father Stevan Brijal, who is a genius, generic scientist and a mother they desperately want to know. It is about normal Trinidadian kids, fighting in school and eating junk food…….or so they thought....were they really scientific experiments? As their father try to protect his children and hide his reckless past from them, the more curious and suspicious the twins become of their father.A sneaky search for the mother their long to know, leads them to a Jamaican laboratory, a potion that makes you jump time but is deadly and …..the chalice project. These are their only clues to uncovering their true identities and finding their mother.

  22. The book I read is named,'Tales from the West Indies'.It was written by,Philip Sherlock and published in Great Britain by,Cox and Wyman Ltd, in the year 2000. This marvelous book compromises of twenty-one interesting short fables.Personally,my favourite stories are ,'Tiger in The Forest,Anansi in the Web','Anansi Hunts with Tiger'and the story I am going to do my review on,'Anansi and Snake the Postman'.

    In the book, Anansi and Snake the Postman ,the quick-witted spider, Anansi tricks Snake into becoming Anansi's postman . After a heated discussion between Anansi and Snake, it was agreed that Snake would work as Anansi's personal postman (by collecting and sending mails and collecting Anansi's newspapers everyday.)and in exchange Anansi would allow Snake, after a hard day's work to come by Anansi's house when he is asleep and bite him. .(in order to suck his blood.)
    After experiencing the pain of Snake's bite Anansi now realises the trouble he put himself into . Consequently, Anansi comes up with a cunning plan to prevent himself from being bitten once more.At the end Anansi's plan works,Snake quits his job and Anansi is is never to be bitten again.

    The book I read has now become one of my personal favourites!It was quite interesting and it had me laughing from the beginning of the book!I enjoyed reading it especially,as the story was all about one of most my favourite local characters, Anansi the spider!

  23. The name of my book is Harriet's Daughter . It was first published in 1988 by Heinemann International in Portsmouth . Marlene Nourbese Philip was the author of this book . The book is about two best friends named Margaret and Zulma . Margaret is a Canadian who wishes to have coloured skin like her best friend Zulma and Zulma is a Tobagonian who wants nothing more but to go back home to Tobago to be with her grandmother . Margaret notices how sad and depressed her best friend Zulma is and decides that she will try to help Zulma get back home to her grandmother . I like this book because it reminds me of the friendship my best friend and I have .

  24. The name of my book is The Illustrated Anansi. I was first published in 1995 by Macmillan Publishers in Oxford and the author is Philip Sherlock. The book is about the spider Anansi as he wittily outsmarts the other animals in the jungle. I enjoyed this book because it showed how because you are small that doesn't mean that you cannot accomplish something. The book is about folklore which fascinates me as I enjoy reading about fiction and it also shows how folklore differs in different parts of the world. For example the Greeks and Romans spoke about the gods and heroes and monsters whereas here in the Caribbean the folklore is about the jungle and animals not too much about people. I really enjoyed this book because it fits right in to real life in a way and it can teach you to not judge a book by its cover (pun intended).

  25. Aaliyah Benjamin-Roach11 December 2012 at 15:18

    The title of my Caribbean book is ‘Tales of the Immortelles’. It was written by Norman McCartney. It was published in 1989 by the Macmillan Pub. Company in Oxford. Even though it is a collection of Caribbean Folklore Tales, while I read this book it felt like reading a part of Caribbean History as I ventured from page to page reading these rich folklore tales. There were stories of ancient tribes like the Mayas we learn in History. Also, there were beautiful and exquisite aminals mentioned that actually conversed! I was very thrilled.
    By: A. B. R.

  26. Trinidad and Tobago by air is collection of photographs by Robert Davis that capture the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and scenic landscape and coastal features. It is a masterpiece that portrays aspects of the beauty of our islands that, to me, was previously unknown. It features pictures of the rocky eastern coast, popular "liming" spot, Maracas Bay and the urban centre, Port of Spain. Through this book, I was able to vicariously experience Trinidad and Tobago from an aerial view, an opportunity that otherwise would have been impossible. The photography was remarkably clear and magnificently captures the subject of the photograph. It is truly a testament to the talent and proficiency of the the photographer.

  27. The name of my book is, "The Jumbie Bird," by: Ismith Khan. It was published in 1985, United States of America, New York City by Longman Inc. "The Jumbie Bird" is an out of the ordinary book about a poor East Indian family that previously lived in India but was left isolated in Trinidad after being ignored by the ruling classes in India. While staying in Trinidad they shortly learnt about the dreadful Jumbie Bird that called whenever someone was about to die. From my point of view, I think what made this interesting was that the descriptions and vocabulary of the author puts you in the middle of their daily lives. When reading about the deaths that occurred every time the Jumbie Bird called I really felt as if I was one of the citizens of Trinidad back then fearing for my life every time the Jumbie Bird called. Though it may seem uninteresting at first I would recommend this book to anyone. I can't say it didn't give me chills thinking about the Jumbie Bird at night.

  28. "Legend of the St. Ann's Flood", by Debbie Jacob is the book that I chose. First published in Malaysia, 2004 by Macmillan Publishers Limited, this beautiful story has truly amazed me. Debbie Jacob has brought the world to a very inportant aspect of Trinidadian culture.It is based on Trinidadian and Tobagonian folklore and includes characters such as Mama Dlo and her son, Papa Bois and douens. In this tale, a boy named Joseph angers Mama Dlo enough for her to unleash the St. Ann's river on the small village of St. Ann's. This book has it all, unlikely heroes, mystery and excitement. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope you will as well. None of the folk characters are in the least bit frightening. This book really has taught me a bit more about the folktale characters from my country. Well, Papa Bois is waiting inside of the story for you, read the book!

    By: Solange Salandy

  29. Title: Miguel street
    Author:V.S. Naipaul
    Published in Trinidad in 2002.
    Miguel Street by V.S Naipaul is a very interesting book which covers much of Trinidad and Tobago’s culture. It is very comical and uses slang like how Trinidadian’s use it real life. When I read this book I could not help but laugh and it made me want to know more.

  30. The Housing Lark by Samuel Selvon
    This book was published by Lynne Rienner Publishers in the United States of America in the year of 1990.This story is about a man who struggles to live life in London town paying rent and working for very little. I honestly thought of the book as the most interesting West Indian Fiction I have read.
    By Tsianne V.

  31. The title of the book that I read was "A Brief Conversion and Other Stories". The author is Earl Lovelace. The Publisher was Persea Books. The book was published in the year 2003 and published in 277 Broadway, Suite 708 New York, NY 10007. The book contained multiple stories that were quite interesting. The first story was "A Brief Conversion". It was about a boy,his family and the relationships between the family, what they thought about each other, their actions and behaviour. The book also had a lot of dialect in it as well. It makes me think about what Trinidad and Tobago was like in older days, how families' treated each other and the daily lives, jobs and hopes of the people in that time period. The book itself was very intriguing and I think that other people may enjoy it as well.

  32. Title: Remember When, Poems and Short Stories
    Author:Rodney Foster
    Published by:Remember When Publishing
    Published at:19,7th Street West Dinsley ,Trinidad, WI
    Illustrated by:Carlsbury Gonzalez

    The book I read was filled with wonderful short stories and lovely poems of alot of different aspects of Trinidad and Tobago.My favourite poem was the one titled Common Entrance Exam. It is my favourite because it reminds me of when I myself set the exam.My least favourite is the one titled Upsa nd Downs.I do not like it because i found it was not as interesting as the rest of the book.I believe people would enjoy reading this book because it is very interesting and tells people about the culture if our country

  33. Title:Tales from The West Indies
    Author:Philip Sherlock
    City of Publication:New York
    Year of Publication:1966

    This book was very interesting to read and although it may have had some peculiar folklores that we do not really know nowadays, our parents surely do know them.There were many curious and entertaining folklores but there was one which held my attention since I was thinkning about how I would be and how I would be treated if I were to be the main character.

    The folklore I am talking about is called 'Mancrow, The Bird Of Darkness'. A Mancrow is a bird that lived in the forest that put all the world in darkness.This bird had rabbits scurring to their hold and all singing birds fell silent.Everyone,including both humans and animals hated the mancrow. Unfortunately,a party of hunters set off for the forest to kill the mancrow,but no manwas able. After this,soliders of the King's army went out nut the same happened,they were unable to succeed.

    I felt kind of sorry for the Mancrow becuase if I was in its position when not even one person likes me, I would be very depressed and extremely sad. I mean,it's not like I shut out light on purpose.Honestly, I enjoyed this tale beacuase of the curiousity and how it was able to block of light.

  34. Bend Foot Bailey by Michael Cozier.
    Potbake Productions
    Trincity,Trinidad and Tobago

    Bend Foot Bailey is a collection of ten West Indian short stories,all equally intruiging and intersting, combined into one fantastic book which left me wishing Micheal Cozier had written more.Each story was filled with humour and gave you a sense of how Trinidad was twenty,thirty maybe even forty years ago. However,I do favour one above the rest. It's the story of 'The Point Fortin Debt Collector'.The Point Fortin Debt Collector otherwise known as Big John worked with a contractor doing "little odd jobs here and there" (as refered to in the book)when he was fired. Why was he fired you may ask ? Well,one day the contractor was hired to build a stage, he then hired a "arrogant Grenadian fellar" as head to construct the stage. Now,Big John knew from the beginning that hiring a Grenadian was a bad idea for, according to him,"Grenadians can't measure." The stage turned out bad , one thing led to another and before you knew it Big John was an unemployed man.Big John found himself in a gym and "start pumping iron like a mad man". One Day he was cruisng through Point Fortin when he saw a "Debt Collector Wanted" sign on a door, thinking it was perfect for him as he looked quite menacing since the restoration of his muscles,he went inside,got interviewed and the got the job. Basically,Big John would get a list from his boss of all the persons who had money for her, go by their house, ask for the money whilst flexing his muscles and they would give it to him.However there was ONE person who wouldn't budge:Hop Sing - " A funny looking chinese fellar" from Tanner Street.From the time Big John said that he came to collect the money Hop Sing went inside his house,came out fullly dressed in his karate and with a "bawl like Bruce Lee put good kick and chop on Big John" leaving him whimpering home with no money.Ofcourse Big John went back but this time Hop sing came back with a samuri sword. We all know what happened there, Big john once again left whimpering home with no money.Eventually Big John paid Hop Sing's debt with his own money and set up a fund named "Chinese Invasion" ,for, the next Chineses he saw on his list he would pay their debt from this fund.This story was extremely funny and showed me even back persons thought that every Chinese person knew karate. Maybe the stereotype all started with The Debt Collector From Point Fortin !

  35. TITLE- Motivational Selections
    AUTHOR- Donna May Thomas Boatswain
    CITY OF PUBLICATION- Mayaro, Trinidad
    PUBLISHER- Kizzy-Anne and Kwame

    This book is about poems for life. It has a lot to inspire you to live ypur life the way it is supposed to! I really liked this book!! :) It is a lot of different types of stories. It was very good.

  36. Title- Crick Crack Monkey
    Author- Merle Hodge
    Year of Publication- 1970
    City of Publication- Jordan Hill, Oxford
    Publisher- Andre Deutsh

    Crick Crack Monkey is about when a girl named Tee has to say goodbye to her aunt who she calls, Tantie. Tee left to live with her Aunt Beatrice. Being alone, Tee struggles to understand the world which she now lives in. The acceptance of her Aunt Beatrice may mean the rejection of rhe people whom she left behind. I had trouble understanding the book just a little because of the creole, it looks weird on PAPER. But I did enjoy the book :)

  37. Title:"All That Glitters"
    Author: Michael Anthony
    Year of publication: 2009
    city of publication: 11 Cunningham Avenue Box 686,Kingston
    Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers

    When thirteen year old Horace's aunt Roomeen arrives from Panama, everyone was excited to see her even some distant relatives Horace and his mother hadn't seen or spoken to in years. Later Aunt Roomeen's gold chain goes missing and it brings conflict between her sibling. While this is going on Horace goes in search of the lost or stolen chain. That is why I like this book because it has mystery.

  38. Title:Carnival: Contemporary Crucible of the Social Sciences
    Author: Russell Foote
    Year of Publication:2005
    City of Publication:St. Augustine
    Publisher: School of Continuing Studies, The University of The West Indies
    The book I borrowed is about Carnival Traditions, history of Carnival, making the framework of the designer's thought,Calypso, Masquerade and Masqueraders,performing Art, Steelpan and Science and it gives you a clear idea of what Carnival is,
    I, personally, like this book because i like to play Mas', to be able to dress up in wonderful costumes. So, I guess I liked this book because it is all about carnival, its history and traditions.
    By KaylaC. 1N

  39. Title :All That Glitters
    Author:Micheal Anthony
    Published by Ian Randle in Jamaica,Kingston in 2009

    This book ''All That Glitters'' is a book about a 13 year old boy and his family.His aunt arrived from Panama and lost her gold chain worth thousands causing her to arouse a conflict between her siblings.This book is about mystery .It teaches that Gold isn't the only thing that glitters .

  40. Mirabai F
    Title: Force Ripe
    Author: Ephraim Ramkissoon
    City published in: Penal, Trinidad
    Publisher: Enco Printing and Publishing Company
    Year of publication: 2007

    The book " Force Ripe " is about is child who is growing up in a rather rural village where water was taken off at certain times and their language was very broken or " real trini" as us Trinidadians say and so on. The main character, Daniel, is inspired by what a priest was telling him and begins to think about his life a a young person. Overall I think the book left a clear picture in my head and was well written.

  41. Name:Legend of the St.Ann's Flood
    Author:Debbie Jacob
    City of publication:United Kingdom
    Publisher:Macmillan Caribbean Publishers
    Year of publication:2004

    this book was about a boy named Jabari telling a story about a flood that happened in St.Ann's.Joseph's(the main character) class was heading to the zoo.Joseph had a best friend named Jaya and Joseph always talked about snakes because he loves them.He was in the reptile with the snakes and was talking to them like if they were real.As his class was leaving the zoo they couldnt find him and when they found him i thought he fell asleep as later on was unreal.The bus rolled down a hill and Joseph and Jaya were sliding down a snake.As they reached back to school a great flood happened and they thought they were going to die.I can go on and on about this marvellous book because i loved how Debbie Jacob made the book come alive.Im so happy i read this book because this flood actually happened outside the standard 3 classrooms at my old school and i actually got to meet her

  42. 'The Legend of Bizarium- A New Divide'
    Was written by Edward Mahabir
    Published in 2010

    This book is about six friends- Ed, Jamie, Lanora, Mai, Robin and Tyler. The story starts off when the friends go to the park, unaware of the events that will happen. They never thought they would be plunged into a world of adventure, where they found themselves in the mysterious land of Bizarium. Even though the friends jumped in seconds after each other, in Bizarium that was years and months apart. These friends have to expect the unexpected and hope that they will be together again in the end.

    Edward Mahabir came to my old school and signed books, the way we described the characters and creatures in the book really helped me to picture them.

  43. Michelle T

    Title:Escape from Silk Cotton Forest
    Author:Francis C Escayg
    City of Publication:China
    Publisher:Macmillan Publishers Limited
    Year of publication:2008

    This book I read is about a young goan named Domino,a sly mongoose,Peenut,La Diablesse,soucouyants and moongazers.The Kingdom of Ierie, ruled by King Zar, needs a true leader.Domino seeks to avenge his mother's death and stumbles into the role of Hero.Domino,Peenut and another friend,Rhe was captured by the workers of La Diablesse and was trapped there.They planned to steal the soucouyants' skins with the help of their newly met friends,Patch and Ramirez to escape the Silk Cotton Forest.

    As I read through this story,it gets more interesting as I read deeper and deeper into it.

  44. Name: A Brief Conversion and other stories
    Author: Earl Lovelace
    Publisher: Pearsa Books,Inc.
    Year: 2003
    City: United States of America

    This book has thirteen stories which are A Brief Conversion, The Fire Eater's Journey, The Coward, The Fire Eater's Return, Call Me "Miss Ross" For Now, Those Heavy Cakes, George and the Bicycle Pump, Fleurs, The Midnight Robber, Joebell and America, Soemaker Arnold, Victoria and the Blight and The Gambler's Funeral. All these stories and more are writen in creole language and by this these stories are made very exciting. The stories never seem to be what their titles say and so you would want to read more.


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