Proud to Read T&T!

This term, Ms. Heywood challenged us to read, A lot. And not just Nancy Drew. Or Twilight. And we did.

Our Form 1 Year Group has borrowed and read over 1000 books in 10 weeks! Among the best things we read, were some books by authors who were born in Trinidad or Tobago, or who just like our country and people so much they actually wrote stories about life in our twin island state.

From bright picture books, to mysterious folktales, comic dialect poems,  to how the steelband was invented, tales of life on sugar estates in Caroni or on council estates in chilly London town, these books captured our imaginations with the colourful pictures they painted of who we were and who we are.

So check out our comments to see what we read, find out what they were about and maybe just why you should check them out @ your library!