Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Global Classroom project

Today the globalisation of business, advances in technology and increasing migration means that to be successful, everyone will need to be able to work on a international scale. We'll need to be more knowledgeable about other countries and global issues, and able to communicate across cultures and languages. Students gain such global competencies when they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and act creatively and innovatively on issues that are global in scope, or important local issues that are faced by others in other parts of the world.

This year, several classes at St. Joseph's Convent, Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago will have chances to participate with over 100 teachers and 2000 learners all over the world in the Global Classroom project. The Form 1s will exchange bookmarks and glogs and have several Skype visits during International School Libraries Month in October. They'll have epals (like pen pals, only online) and will be leading the Global Eco-warriors Project, researching meaningful issues in 4 main areas-
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic development
  • Health and human development
  • Cultural identity and diversity.
Through their activities in these projects, they will begin to learn how to study the world beyond their immediate environment, to recognise and respect the perspectives of others, to communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences and to collaborate effectively and to translate their ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions. Join our blog to follow them their journey!

Ms. Heywood

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