Sunday, 18 November 2012

The weather in Trinidad and Tobago

When Hurricane Sandy hit the United States, everyone here was watching on television. The West Indies, lie in the path of most hurricanes, so we have seen nature's destructive force before. However, many of us have friends and relatives in the New York area, so we were especially concerned. We were very worried when we saw the pictures and videos on the news and we are very grateful to Mrs Leo from the St. Joseph School in Boston for sharing a Voicethread created by her son about this experience.

And here are some posts from the Form 1s sharing about weather and seasons in our country.

 Click on any of the links to read and enjoy and please, don't forget to leave a comment or just ask a question if you want!


  1. Hello everyone. This is José Popoff. I live in Honduras, which is very close to where you live, and just like you guys up there in Trinidad y Tobago we have only two seasons: dry and wet. I love it how you have expressed facts about your weather in your posts. Makes me want to go visit. :)
    It gets pretty serious in here too when we have floods.
    God bless you and keep up the good work. Cheers.

  2. Here in Watsonville, we don't have such harsh weather, but resently there has been some flash floods, California in General. Not much though in Watsonville, but rain, which is good for the crops because it's pretty dry here too.


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