Saturday, 23 March 2013

Habemus papam Franciscum!

When many of us returned home after J'ouvert, to discover that Pope Benedict the First had stepped down, our school as community reeled in shock. Many of us put off really considering what it meant for our Church until Ash Wednesday when the full impact of this decision really hit home.

In the library, we got to work creating an exhibit about the workings of the college of cardinals, the traditions of the conclave and the presumed papabile. And to make sure we got the most in depth and current information, we went online. It was the most blogged about event all month, even eclipsing Carnival! Our display took a lot of time to research, assemble and mount, but when it was done, judging on the duration of past conclaves, we figured that it would be up until the end of term...

So just imagine our shock, when at about 2 o'clock on only the second day, our Skype and Twitter accounts blew up with the news that there was smoke from the chimney of the Sistine chapel and... it was white! Teachers and students rushed to the library, checking for details on the desktops and their laptops and smartphones, while watching the television with baited breath.

This term our Form 1s have been looking at the importance of digital media in their lives. They've described it 'like air, all around , all the time and essential to our lives'! So this shouldn't have surprised us at all, but it still did... 

Check out video above from France24 and share the digital media reactions of the world!

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