Thursday, 8 December 2011

A winter wonderland!

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Our library always decorates for Christmas. This year our theme is a winter wonderland. Don't ask me why they didn't choose something more local- we live in the West Indies and it never, ever snows! It was the library prefects' choice I guess.
I like to spend my free time in the library because of the air conditioning but sometimes I think our librarian, is overdoing it because it is freezing cold. One day I found myself not really feeling to study and I saw some of the library prefects making snowflakes out of paper so I asked if I could help. This was my first time ever making a snowflake bur surprisingly I did pretty good. Just ask Ms. Heywood!
After almost all the snowflakes were complete Celeste and I started to decorate them with iridescent glitter and the library turned into Ke$ha! And then on Monday we started to put up the all the decorations. In the end snowflakes and glitter were everywhere! Surprise, liming in the library can be fun!

Arianna A.