Monday, 5 December 2011

Our Christmas Book Blitz

Reading promotion in our school is very important to me- study after study shows direct links between extensive and consistent reading for pleasure and academic success. As an avid reader myself, I love to 'infect' you with my passion.
And that's where my GEAR- Get Excited about Reading program comes in. It tries to combine extrinsic motivation; small prizes for high borrowing (more than 15 books a term), with intrinsic prompts, like increasing your self esteem linked to improved reading speed, comprehension and academic success which I have long identified as being extremely important to a majority of my users.
I try to provide you with as wide a collection of exciting and interesting teen and young adult materials as I can and you do me and yourselves proud- our circulation figures are amazing!
And just to make sure you keep up during the vacation, we'll be having a mini bookfair; our Christmas Book Blitz on at the library from Tuesday 12th- Friday 16th December. Come buy yourself, a friend or relative a book or two and remember - Happy Reading!

Ms. Heywood

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