Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New (school) year... new worlds.

The library staff is so happy to welcome all members of the SJCPOS family for our new school year!

I chose some brilliantly cool new books, Ms. Seepersad has worked really hard to get our them processed and on the shelves and Ms. Peters has sweated over repairs to your old favorites.

So now we're all ready and book loans will resume on Wednesday 10th September. We would like to remind everyone that

  • Form 1s to Form 3s are allowed to borrow 2 books
  • Form 4s and Form 5s may borrow 3,
  • and all Form 6s may have up to 4 books out at one time.

But what to do if you have overdue books and/or outstanding fines for the library? Well, just for this week we are declaring a BOOK AMNESTY. Bring in your overdue item and we'll forgive all fines!

So everyone come in, check out our amazing collection and make sure you have your library card available... because 'you can't get none if you ain't got one!'